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Think about how easy it would be for a movie about talking toys to feel derivative, sappy, or overtly merchandise driven. Think about how off-putting a movie about rats preparing food could be, or how risky it must’ve seemed to start WALL-E with 39 dialogue-free minutes. We dare to attempt these stories, but we don’t get them right on the first pass.
Tall stuff, small stuff, old stuff, new stuff (at Bank of England) View high resolution

Tall stuff, small stuff, old stuff, new stuff (at Bank of England)

Such a great building (at St Paul’s Cathedral) View high resolution

Such a great building (at St Paul’s Cathedral)

Workers more and more will come to be classified into two categories. The key questions will be: Are you good at working with intelligent machines or not? Are your skills a complement to the skills of the computer, or is the computer doing better without you?

As it turned out, people remembered fewer of the photographed objects, and fewer of the details about them, relative to the pieces of art they’d actively observed with their own eyes.

This suggests what Henkel calls a “photo-taking-impairment effect:”

Information that people choose to publish on Facebook has generally been through a psychological filtering process, researchers found - unlike conversations, photos and video shared through more private tools such as Skype, or on mobile apps.

"Most individuals try to present themselves online the way they think society is expecting them to," wrote contributing anthropologist Razvan Nicolescu.

The time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum [of money] involved.
Making money is easy. What you turn down, the money that you leave on the table defines you more than what you take.
If you want to know what technology will change the world don’t pay attention to 13 year old boys, pay attention to young mothers because they have got not an ounce of support for technology that doesn’t materially make their lives better
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